• Desktop/Laptop/Server Support
  • Network Maintenance and Security
  • Customized Report Generation
  • Point of Sale Software

    Desktop/Laptop/Server Support

    In order to keep your Desktop, Laptop, and Server running smoothly with dependable service it is important to perform routine maintenance on each computer or server. CD Solutions, Corp. performs the following maintenance on a timely scheduled maintenance program.

    *Virus Check

    *Driver and Bios Updates

    *Perform Scan Disk Checks

    *Remove Data That Wastes Hard-drive Space

    *Defragment Drives

    *Windows Updates

    *Verify and Trouble-shoot Hardware Operation

    *Critical Data Backup


    Network Maintenance and Security

    CD Solutions, Corp. can meet your networking needs by providing network maintenance and security. Installation, routine maintenance, and trouble-shooting are all available to keep your network operating smoothly.

    The following is a small list of the networking functions CD Solutions, Corp. can provide.

    *Installation of Network LAN Cable Drops

    *Setup of a New Small Business Network

    *Verify and Maintain Proper Network Communications

    *Firewall Setup (Software,& Hardware)

    *Virtual Private Network Setup (VPN)

    *Wireless Network Setup & Security

    Customized Report Generation

    Cannot see the data in your system the way you want to see it. CD Solutions, Corp. can build customized reports from your database to provide you with the data you need to make logical decisions. Utilizing Crystal Reports or Active Reports allows for the report generated to be the report you want to see and not just what someone else thinks you might want to see. Report customization is the best way to view consistent data in a central report. No more creating your internal reports by moving data from different existing reports by hand to create what you need to see. Let us show you how we can streamline your report gathering so you can spend more time on making important decisions and not wasting time performing clerical work.

    Point of Sale Software

    What is POS
    POS (point of sale) is the physical location at which goods are sold to customers. A point-of-sale (POS) software terminal is a computer replacement for a cash register. More sophisticated than traditional cash registers, a POS (point of sale) software system includes the ability to track customer orders, process credit cards, and manage inventory. A point of sale system serves you by saving time, increasing accuracy and controlling what happens at the sales counter. POS is designed for operation with either a keyboard or a touch screen and can handle any type of retail setting. It includes special features for the fashion industry such as color and size matrix, full reports of every kind, house accounts, and much more. Finally it will enhance your operation, providing you with increased speed, accuracy and control of your inventory - all of which lead to increased profits and more time to focus on growing your business.

    Complete Retail Automation
    CD Solutions, Corp. primary focus is "to provide commonsense, value-based solutions that allow retailers to compete and expand." This has given CD Solutions, Corp. a vision to be one of the leading providers of integrated retail software, hardware, and services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Putting together a point-of-sale system is much easier and less expensive than you may think. We provide the components to operate your system including the training and if requested, full implementation at your store site.

    Products Available
    Point Of Sale (POS) is available with advanced and sophisticated technology as means to strengthen and streamline the connection between you and your customers!

  • Retail
  • Auto Parts Management
  • Tire Store Management
  • Apparel Store Management

    CD Solutions, Corp. is qualified to deliver the most comprehensive and easy to operate windows point of sale system available in the marketplace today.

    We provide a complete implementation of the systems and provide help and support to insure the customer is comfortable utilizing the new system. We are available at all times and have an excellent reputation on service support with a reaction time of 4 hours or less.

    What Are The Functions Of A POS?
    To provide a full control over management of your retail business:

  • Databases
  • Inventory Control/Purchase Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Convenience
  • Print Bar Codes for Inventory Control
  • Security
  • Reports

    Keeping track of thousands of different stocks can be extremely hard using conventional paperwork or even generic computer database systems. CD Solutions, Corp. helps with the appropriate POS system to satisfy demanding business needs.

    Establishing a client database contains your customer's names, addresses and purchase histories. It keeps useful information about each customer that can help you with marketing and sales management. Some features of the client database are:

  • Fast - Lets you find a customer fast using a name, phone number, or a point-and-shoot pick list.
  • Informative - Shows you who bought what, when, for how much, how they paid, and who sold it to them.
  • Complete - Lets you keep notes on individual customers and even a photo if you wish.
  • Accurate - Creates accurately targeted mailing lists for special promotions or even product recalls.

    Attracting a new customer costs much more than keeping an old one. This is why POS is geared towards improving customer relations. Mailings can be targeted using any aspect of the customer's purchase history, which generates a much larger response than non-targeted mailings. There are many ways you can use the system's customer data to increase sales volume. In addition to the purchase history client database can also include memos for recording of any key information about a customer.

    Inventory Control / Purchase Orders
    Good inventory control means balancing the expectations of your customers and your bankers, so you must avoid being either under stocked or overstocked. Here are some inventory control features:

  • Flexible - Auto-generate purchase orders using a variety of calculation methods.
  • Current - Get up-to-the-minute reports for sales, inventory, low stock, over stock, and on-order items.
  • Precise - Support for portable stock counting devices.
  • In Control - Do on-screen preview and editing of purchase orders.
  • Fine Tuned - Access fields for base stock, re-order points, and re-order quantities.
  • Focused - Options to focus any report on selected items, suppliers or departments.

    The inventory system includes a wide selection of processes from receiving & transferring stock to importing & exporting stock data. The system also uses the Internet to transmit inventory adds & changes, sales logs and stock levels between stores or to and from the head office.

    With the majority of the POS sytems available you can choose to use the built-in accounts receivable system or transfer all your open invoices to QuickBooks. These built-in invoicing systems have:

  • Fast payment and reprinting options.
  • Client oriented displays - it's always easy to pull up all Jane Doe's invoices.
  • Monthly statements and late charges.
  • Option to open the invoice database in MS-Excel.
  • A screen for reviewing any client's invoices in Quickbooks and making payments on them.

    The goal of retail management software is to let you concentrate on your sales and customers, not on your computer. Extensive use of pick lists for finding items, invoices or clients (including client lookup by name, company phone number or customer number).

  • Help screens free of computer jargon, available at the push of a button.
  • Support for multiple locations - and stock transfers between locations.
  • Sales tracking by product, department and client.
  • Comparative sales histories.
  • Price quotes that can be recalled and processed as sales.
  • Multiple points-of-sale without a network.
  • Import inventory from other databases.
  • Store all data in a common file format for access by other programs.
  • Stock code duplication check.
  • POS screen can display the all-time total spent by a client.

    Security refers to two different things:

    1 - The ability to limit access to information or program functions. This is used to make sure that staff cannot make unauthorized transactions or see confidential information. Each employee is assigned a password to determine his or her access level.

    Some of the Retail Plus password features are:

  • Passwords determine the functions a person can use.
  • All sales transactions are logged with the date, time and name of the sales person.
  • Optional requirement for a manager's password before the system will void a sale.
  • A training mode, in which all POS functions can be used with password, but no data are saved.
  • Password prompts that can be turned off. If you don't need passwords, you shouldn't be forced to use them.

    2 - The ability to roll back (restore) your data to a previously saved version. This is used to undo the results of serious errors. For example, say you delete twenty invoices and then discover that they were the wrong twenty. Everyone who works with computers has days likes that (bar none).

    Well-designed reports can reveal some surprises about the nature of your business. Examples include:

  • A selection of weekly, monthly and quarterly sales reports including top sellers.
  • A selection of inventory reports including overstock, understock, audit and shrinkage.
  • Options to focus any report on selected items, suppliers, department or code range.
  • History of daily sales and POS totals.
  • Option to subtotal reports by department.
  • Catalog style output with product description, stock numbers, and prices.
  • Export of sales data to a spreadsheet program for further analysis.

    Click here for our downloadable brochure on IT

    Please contact CD Solutions, Corporation to arrange a discussion of your IT or POS needs.


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