CD Solutions, Corp. is fast becoming a leader in the Energy Saving arena. Products are available that allow you to put more money in your pocket, help to preserve our environment, and take some of the load from already over-stressed power generation plants while maintaining your current levels of production and workspace environment. A Technical Energy Survey (TES) is required to determine if your facility has opportunities for savings. CD Solutions, Corp. has the knowledge and staff to perform your TES and give the recommendations and solutions to save you money.

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*Induction Motors*


CD Solutions, Corp. is proud to be the Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic Distributor/Dealer for the Precision Power Labs (PPL) line of energy saving motor controllers. Be it a single phase motor or three phase motor with or without soft-start capability there is a PPL product available for you.

The PPL IntegraPower™ controller optimizes the motor's incoming power requirements based upon the loaded or unloaded state of the motor. This optimization of the incoming power to the motor leads to significant electrical energy savings.

For information on the Precision Power Labs IntegraPower™ please visit our partner Precision Power Labs at their web site. CD Solutions, Corp. has demos available for your evaluation, please contact CD Solutions, Corp. for a demo or quotation.

The Smith Environmental Products induction motor energy saving device is the Circuit Master. The Circuit Master is a blend of technologies that work to eliminate the KVARS generated by a motor, reduce motor current requirements, improve the Power Factor and also incoprorates Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS). The Circuit Master is backed by a factory guaranteed savings of ten percent for each installation. Real world installations are having savings as high as thirty percent. Actual saving amounts are determined after installing the Circuit Master on your motor, but remember you are always guaranteed a minimum of ten percent savings.

For information on the Smith Environmental Products, the Circuit Master and other products, please visit our partner Smith Environmental Products at their web site. Please contact CD Solutions, Corporation for a Technical Energy Survey to determine if the Circuit Master is the right choice for you.


Energy Savings
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