Industrial Services

CD Solutions, Corp. offers a wide range of Industrial Services to our customers. Having a large and varied experienced work force allows CD Solutions, Corp. to offer multiple project capabilities. Stainless steel piping, PVC piping, black iron piping, along with many other materials are all within our scope of work. In the field, we maintain a knowledgeable workforce of skilled craftsmen and project managers. Most of these employees have worked with CD Solutions, Corp. since it's beginning. Without a doubt, it has been their experience and outstanding efforts that has created the CD Solutions, Corp. reputation for quality and performance. Our customers find that our craftsmen take great pride in both the quality of their work and the visual beauty of the finished product.

Our clients include a broad spectrum of industries, such as power generation, grain mills, food and beverage, waste water treatment, and others. CD Solutions, Corp also performs many mechanical installations, and equipment rebuilds. electrical installations, instrumentation, and Industrial Automation are all available as part of the CD Solutions, Corp. Industrial Service package.

Our mission at CD Solutions, Corp. is to use the power behind our experience to develop solutions which solve our client's toughest problems in their electrical contracting, and industrial mechanical needs. Finding solutions can be a challenge. CD Solutions, Corp. can help your company in developing and maintaining a solid preventive maintenance program. In conjunction with the latest methods of providing maintenance CD Solutions, Corp. will improve your maintenance posture to levels never achieved. Let CD Solutions, Corp. answer your technology needs.

CD Solutions, Corp. is dedicated to providing the highest quality mechanical contracting services available. Today, we are a competitive provider of automation/controls, and mechanical maintenance on the island of Puerto Rico.

Click here for a few photographs of our employees at work.


Industrial Services
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