CD Solutions, Corporation was formed in June of 2002 as a result of observing a need in the Puerto Rico and Caribbean area for a local Industrial Service provider. The founders of CD Solutions, Corp., Fred Canter (President) and Edgardo Diaz (Vice President), have joined the creative thinking of these individuals into one entity that blends the knowledge of Industrial Automation, Inventory Management, and Maintenance Management into a company that has grown steadily since it's inception. The key ingredient to be included was the factor of local service after installation and the ability to help in-house staff to maintain Industrial Automation and Mechanical Installations currently installed. This allows local companies to keep their processes in operation and have a significant savings over bringing in technical support from outside the area. This area of the business has been very successful for CD Solutions, Corp. and for our customers. We offer our customers a four-hour response time within the Puerto Rico area, and normally are onsite much faster to aid in the repair of down equipment. To date CD Solutions, Corp. has a 100 % success rate of troubleshooting and aiding repair of out of service industrial equipment. Many thanks to our customers for trusting in CD Solutions, Corp. and allowing us to service their needs.

Since June of 2002 CD Solutions, Corp. has expanded its products and offerings. The first area of growth was into the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) sector. CD Solutions, Corp. observed a need in the industrial setting for not only CMMS software, but for a total package of software and implementation. CD Solutions, Corp. formed a Value Added Partnership with DPSI, Inc. in Greensboro, NC. Becoming a VAR Partner for DPSI, Inc. has allowed CD Solutions, Corp. to offer all the DPSI line of CMMS products. The CD Solutions, Corp. staff has attended training in the DPSI, Inc. product line and not only offer the software for sale, but also offer complete turnkey packages and training programs. The DPSI product line allows us to fulfill all the needs in CMMS in a variety of sectors. Please see the CMMS page for complete information on products and services offered.

Watching the rising cost of electrical energy and listening to our customer comments about energy costs prompted CD Solutions, Corp. to enter the energy saving field. CD Solutions, Corp. first worked with Precision Power Labs, then became the Precision Power Labs Distributor/Dealer for the Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic areas. This Partnership allows CD Solutions, Corp. to provide our customers with a solution for single and three phase induction motors that offers not only energy savings, but the opportunity to use the controller as a "Soft-Starter".

Since our venture into the energy savings arena CD Solutions, Corp. has formed Partnerships with several reputable companies in order to offer a wider product line. Partnering with Chrindy Power Solutions and working with Mr. Chris Arbogast has allowed for the aquisition of new products that are highly successful in saving energy. Thanks, Chris.

One of the product offerings available through Chrindy Power Solutions is the Smith Environmental product line. Thanks to Mr. Arbogast's introduction, CD Solutions, Corp. now has a great line of communication with Johnny Smith, the owner of Smith Environmental Products. Mr. Smith has been a great source of information in learning how to test and deploy the Smith Environmental Products to our customers. Again, thanks to Johnny and Chris.

CD Solutions, Corp. has now developed a partnership with Lighting Systems & Electrical Products to bring a larger spectrum of lighting products to our customers. Our thanks go to Mr. Dan Sterling for all the help he provides to us and our clients. The future in energy saving lighting systems looks very BRIGHT!

The creation of a new division, IT Service Solutions, has come about from the request of our customers. This is a new area for CD Solutions, Corp. but is an area the company has been informally performing since inception. CMMS deployments require a lot of the same knowledge that is needed for IT Services. CD Solutions, Corp. has found this to be a natural progression, as the knowledge, experience, and resources were already in place within the company. CD Solutions, Corp. looks forward to the growth of this area.

CD Solutions, Corp. has been well accepted in all market sectors, mainly due to our commitment to service. The future of CD Solutions, Corp. is for more expansion in the Caribbean and South America areas. The products and services we offer are varied and cover a wide spectrum of markets. As we expand the business in coverage area and number of employees, our goal is to continue in meeting the customer needs as efficiently as possible. Our reputation of quick response and service will continue, and as we bring on key personnel they will fit into our idea of commitment and ability.


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