“Providing solutions today for tomorrow’s problems.”

CD Solutions, Corp. is a leading provider of Industrial and Commercial Service solutions.

Along with our normal services, CD Solutions, Corp. is also providing our customers with state of the art Electrical Energy Saving solutions in the Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands area.

With a wide range of products, services and years of experience in the Industrial Services field our staff at CD Solutions, Corp. can provide the solution you need.

Anticipate your problems of tomorrow; then solve them today!

Call or email CD Solutions, Corp. today.

Recent News

7/07: CD Solutions, Corp. announces the formation of a third division within the company. This new division, Corporate & Business Training (CBT) Services, is focused upon Training and Seminar Services in the Industrial/Commercial/Retail marketplace. Our clientele can expect the same level of service that has been a part of CD Solutions, Corp. from the beginning. Mayra Cruz, CBT Project Manager, is heading this division of CD Solutions, Corp. Mayra is bringing new ideas and innovations to the company. We look forward to further development of this new venture.

3/15/07: CD Solutions, Corp. welcomes P. Campofresco, Inc. to the DPSI CMMS Product of PMC2000.

3/15/07: CD Solutions, Corp. announces the upgrade from the DPSI CMMS product PMC2000 to the iMaint product at Ecoelectrica.

1/15/07: CD Solutions, Corp. announces the addition of our new Information Technology Services Division.


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